Friday, May 05, 2006

Unforgettable Day: Sydney Buses (continued)

Alright guys, tenang.. tenang.. Just take it easy lah, everybody. I never knew that my last post would be this interesting huaha.

Okay, so i dropped my wallet on the bus. And i didn't realize that this had happened until i was standing in front of a sushi bar at Myer's food court ready to pay for a prawn roll i ordered. I got a dollar from my back pocket, i tried to look for one more dollar and 50 cents from my wallet. But wait... "where is my wallet? why'r my pockets all empty!?", i thought. The sushi bar waiter was still waiting for me to handle in the money to her.

Luckily, Agung came. I borrowed some money from him and immediately payed the cold prawn sushi roll.

Agung and I took a seat, and searched for my wallet in the bag i was carrying. Nope, it wasn't there. I was almost sure (about 90% sure) that the wallet is lost in the bus, not stolen by some thief or bad guy.

I quickly ran to the closest bus stop and took the first bus heading for Circular Quay. After i reached that place, i talked to the bus driver about my situation. And then he advised me to go to the other side of the block where all the Port Botany Depot buses would be in. "They might help," said the bus driver.

So i went to the other side of the block, close to McDonalds, and soon asked almost all bus drivers there about my wallet. (you can see a picture of these buses at my last post before) None was actually driving the bus where i lost my wallet. A driver told me that i should contact their bus depot office in Port Botany. He gave me the phone number, and i immediately called the number... but no luck. They hadn't got my wallet.

I stayed there for almost an hour, and i approached almost every bus with a route number of three nine something (39x) to ask about my wallet, and none was the actual bus i was looking for.

During this, there was a nice bus driver who talked to me a lot. He started talking about my problem, and then about types of buses in Sydney, and about some people who got injured after being hit by his bus haha.

Sydney buses has a .. (to be continued)


Anonymous H 3 RI said...

Karyanya sangat bagus2 saya seneng, saya bisa clik kanan lalu save, tp saya ga mau tanpa izin yang punya. bagaimana saya saya bisa mendapatkan foto2 anda..?

7/26/2006 9:47 PM  

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